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Peep O-scope

— Cabinet

Beatriz Granado and Helena Bosch Vidal

Lay over it, look inside and rock back and forth. Use one’s own movements to create an arousing personal visual experience.⁣
Described by Disegno as “a bewilderingly erotic seat which visitor need to straddle, embrace, and rock in order to view an undulating kaleidoscope of spoons hidden within”*

Cabinet designed for the Congres of Spoons, an exhibition exploring the narrative power of objects and our relationship with them.

“The thirteen scenographies make the spoon an object of desire in a peep-show pommel horse or ultraradioactive accessory to be handled carefully behind a Plexiglas cage.”**

Each cabinet proposing a different way of looking at the same object: the Spoon.⁣
Concept by Eleonora Pizzini.

Exhibited at Salon de Mobile Milano 2019.

Disegno: *

Le Monde: **

- Genève
Photography by Baptiste Coulon & Michel Giesbrecht
Last picture by Flavia Liggi