Graphic & Spaces Designer
& Researcher  from Portugal,
currently living in Lisboa.

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Congress of Spoons

— Identity and Graphic Concept proposal for Design Exhibition

Beatriz Granado, Fatou Dravé and Sofie Deckers
The Congress of Spoons exhibition was developed from Eleonora Pizzinis concept. It gathers a series of Cabinets contextualizing the spoon in different ways.

Following this narrative, the graphic concept showcased here proposes a narrative in which the design team is seen as hired by the Spoon Community to design their annual congress. The aim of the congress is to show the spoon as more than just a mere cutlery piece. The Cabinets are delegations, each proposing an expantion of this common way of perceiving the object. Every cabinet has its own flag. The flag of the event is an assembly of all the others, representing the whole Spoon Community.
There is a badge with a message from the Spoon Community that includes a map of the space to collect the stamps found on each delegation stand.

1 week Workshop with Neoneo
HEAD - Genève