Graphic & Spaces Designer
& Researcher  from Portugal,
currently living in Lisboa.

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For the Understanding of the Representation of Antinous

Beatriz Granado and Rita Gaspar

Designed for the Exhibition Between Fidelity And Betrayal: Five Proposals For The Translation of Antinuous concearning the idea of a common language (reine sprache) and proposing translation as a way to find it.

Communication Design was the main language assigned to this piece.

The shelf as a grid measuring the same as the original statue in height and width. The viewer can see the other translations (pieces) through the grid of the shelf.
The books are a mass of content collected, not selected. Put together with dustjackets that read “For the understanding of the representation of Antinous.” Each book of the arquive is a different way of contextualising what comes ahead. Every book (and any book) frame a certain reading of the content that follows.